Sorry its been so long since I have written an update. I am just getting into the grove of things as far as work. We got blessed with a van but it has some minor problems. We should be up and running before the 1st week of May. So between those things I have been fairly busy trying to figure things out.

As far as the 60 pledge $25 we have heard back from about 8 people. Just with those 8 we have raised $450. This is also including an offering that was raised up in a friends class. We are praying and hoping to hear back form more people with in the end of the week. Please partner with us in prayer for that.

Also something for you to keep in your prayers, we have a phone interview with family law attorney Patricia Strowbridge. Here is her story.

Patricia L. Strowbridge has been Board Certified by The Florida Bar in the area of Marital and Family Law. She has maintained an active trial practice providing representation in all areas of Florida family law since 1988, when she was admitted to practice before the Florida Supreme Court and all courts in the State of Florida.

She lectures extensively and serves as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Barry University Law School in Orlando, Florida. Ms. Strowbridge has represented thousands of clients in matters of divorce, child custody and visitation, paternity, alimony and pre-nuptial agreements. In addition, over the last several years, her practice has had a strong focus on adoption, and she has represented over 300 individuals and families in completing private, international, step-parent and relative adoptions.

Ms. Strowbridge is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and a past President of the Florida Adoption Council. She carries a coveted “AV” rating (preeminent attorney with the highest ethics rating) with Martindale-Hubbell, the nationally recognized evaluator of attorney competency and ethics.

Among her many professional accomplishments, Ms. Strowbridge is most proud of her role as the primary author of the 2003 Florida Adoption Reform Act signed into law by Governor Jeb Bush on May 30, 2003. She also currently serves as the Executive Director of A Chosen Child, Inc., a Florida licensed non-profit child placing agency.
After reading that I knew instantly that this is the attorney I am to go through. She sticks out like a sore thumb. She started family law in 1988 (the year I was born) and she wrote the Florida Adoption Reform Act and it was signed into law on May 30, 2003. (which happens to be Rowans due date) I believe the Lord speaks prophetically through dates. So I took this as a sign that she is my attorney that the Lord has set apart for a divine appointment. The thing that is getting a little scary Is when I spoke to her assistant she quoted me $10,000 for the whole process. I plan on presenting my story to the attorney and praying that the Lord would give me favor.Partner with us in prayer! =)


Hello Everyone!

I am so happy to report that we have finally been able to send out our fund raising letters. Two of our really good friends up here took us to office max to get them printed for free! It is so awesome to witness the unfailing leadership of the Lord in this adoption. Though at many times it has felt like we are running out of time and cannot possibly make it He just steps right in and kisses us with his promises. I have posted some pictures of the letters and response cards to display the goodness of Jesus. We love you all and thanks for your continued support in this. We will be sending them out this week, please continue to shower us in prayer as we seek to fulfill the longing in Jesus’ heart for the orphan.


So I have an awesome praise report. It seems as though the Lord is listening and wanting to answer all of my prayers right down to the expensive baby taste I have come to realize that I have. I walked into baby gap one day just to take a look and ever since I just cant seem to find anything else cute. I had a feeling at that point that I was going to be in big trouble as far as being super picky with what Rowan would wear.

In that my friend called me yesterday and told me that she the pottery barn crib is yours! Its dark wood just like you wanted. In great shape. Ready just for you! I thought to my self. I don’t have money for that. She went on to explain that the woman she works for (she’s a nanny) is giving it to me along with 2 yard trash bags filled with baby clothes from the GAP and POLO Ralph Lauren and towels and blankets and shoes even toys! She is also going to be giving to me her stroller and car seat that she just got last year. and from what I understand its top rated for safety 2009.

I have never seen the righteous forsaken!

Psalm 37:25 (New King James Version)

25 I have been young, and now am old;
Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken,
Nor his descendants begging bread.

So with that being said today Alexia, Jessica and Esther helped me organize all of the clothes and the babies room.

The crib was filled to the top with all kinds of things

Cute sweater Jack & Jane

Left side of closet 0-6 months

Right side of closet 6-12 months

One of my favorites! (polo)

And another fav. (baby gap of coarse)

Blankets & Swaddles =)

There is a funny story about this blanket..I originally put this on my registry b/c it was something that I fell in love with its like a $30 blanket all by its self and I took it off after I thought about it for a while b/c I didn’t want some one to spend that much money on one thing. So I just think its funny that out of all things to end up with it wasn’t just name brand clothes but also really good quality blankets? =) haha! For more info about this blanket  CLICK HERE

Bunch of toys

i think this toy is the coolest b/c…..

It measures how big he’s getting while he’s playing!

Brand new little winter shoes she never used

And so much more! I just don’t have time to finish uploading the pictures. But I guess that got the point across. My daddy owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He provides for us it just never looks the way we think it will. =)

60 pledge 25

60 pledge 25 is a vision that the Lord gave to us to raise money for our home study.
This is the vision, we need to raise $1,500 for an expedited home study by the first week of April in order for it to be completed with in time to receive Rowan as an newborn. We were asking the Lord to give us wisdom and understanding to raise the money quickly. One night while we were laying in bed one night we did the math and it was as simple as 60 people pledging just $25.

How it works is we are making a list of 60 people in our lives that we have prayed about and believe will pledge. We will send out our 60 pledge 25 fundraiser letters and a pledge response card. While we await the responses we will be praying along with our adoption fund committee and asking the Lord to let his will be done. We invite you to join us as we pray!

We did look into getting assistance for the adoption to be funded from different charities but they all required a home study to be completed before they could consider funding the adoption. Our vision doesn’t end with this one fundraiser but we plan to use this strategy and start a program called 60 pledge 25 to help couples complete the home study process.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated,
Adam & Christina Grason

Great News!

We have just made contact with a family attorney in Florida that will do a private adoption for us. This will cost us about $3,500 which is significantly cheaper then the $10,000 we were budgeting before. I still don’t have all the budget details but this is the amount that I came across as I researched private (or independent) adoptions. We asked the adoption agency about guardianship and they informed us that we can look into this type of an adoption to lower our cost even more and make it a more simple process by cutting out the middle man (the agency).

I have a phone conciliation today at 4:30pm so I will update you shortly after about the whole thing. Thank you all for your support and your prayers. We are grateful!

Praise Reports

Praise Report:

I got a phone call from my sister today that she has officially converted my nieces room into a big girl room, meaning that she is giving me all of her baby nursery stuff! Don’t worry it was gender neutral stuff (Amy Coe Peanut bedding set green). They are also shipping me bumgenius reusable diapers, Storchenwiege baby sling, a changing table, the  fisher price rain forest swing and many many more little doo-daads for around the house and nursery for the baby! Also my wonderful friend of 20 years Heather sent me some clothes for Rowan that her son has grown out.

We are very excited about it! I will be setting up the nursery soon and I will take pictures so you can see what an awesome work the Lord has done!

Thanks again guys!

So at this point we are preparing for worst case scenario which is we bring home the baby only as guardians not as parents according to the law. We might still need a home study in this situation so we are waiting to hear back from Hanna’s Dream about this. We will still be raising funds to make the adoption permanent but the baby might not want to wait so we will be prepared just encase the funds don’t come in we currently have around $300. We are not in any way believing that the Lord won’t come through for us. But at this point we need to just be ready for anything. Right now we are looking at needing $1,000 dollars a week as there are only 10 weeks left to the pregnancy.

Please keep us in your prayers and lets watch the Lord do something miraculous! I BELIEVE WE CAN BRING HIM HOME IN MAY AS A GRASON!