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Adam Had this dream back in FL before we left to KC and before we even knew that we were adopting Rowan.

The day Adam got hit by a car that night we went to sleep and Adam had a prophetic dream that we were at the Loux family’s front door. We entered the house to find Derek sitting at the dinning table eating a meal. Derek looks up at us and begins to say, “Thanks guys for coming to help us move!” and Adam knew at that point that they were moving into a bigger house and giving us there house. We know that this was representing us taking the mantel of adoption as they prepare to grow into something larger. He takes us up stairs into the master bedroom and as he walks through the door way it’s no longer Derek but Renee, she was telling Adam, “Okay we need 10×10 bags to pack.” So Adam knew then that the Lord was saying ten kids in ten years.

Which is something that the Lord spoke to me the previous weekend when Mike Bickle came to FL. I said to the Lord we will adopt as many as he allowed us to and I heard a voice with in me say ten kids in ten years.

So we finish packing and we go back down stairs and there is my cousin Esther and she starts to says to us, “Hey guys i forgot to tell you I am living in the back so if you need me let me know!” We knew that this was the Lord showing us that we will have support staff to help us take care of our children. (or even the special needs children we may adopt.)
Then we walk out of the back door and we end up in the middle of a desert. We were running out of water and Renee said to us, “It’s okay, there is water over this sand dune.” When we arrived over the sand dune there was a water fall and a river of sand. Renee, filled with the Holy Spirit, spoke with boldness to the water fall saying, “You may try to stop these two singers and musicians, but if you do not God will send tens of thousands in there place.”

We know now that we are stepping into something bigger then us….something that passes all knowledge and understanding. It feels great to know we are in the will of God!


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Rowans First Gift!

Today I went to target with a friend and got this with some gift cards I received in the mail for the baby. Thanks Amanda & Constance!I’m super happy with it. Every little bit counts! I’m sure Rowan will enjoy bouncing in this I know I’ll enjoy watching him. LOL

This is me happy with the new gift! haha!

here is another shot of it. It is the Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer Woodland Friends Fashion $26.99 @ Target.


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Adoption Fund Letter

ClLICK HERE to download letter.

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For our first post we just wanted to welcome you to the blog! Thanks for stopping by!

A lot has been going on just kinda settling in KC and we are very excited about everything. Okay but lets just get to what your here for….

Today’s update is we finally got the birth mother Medicaid and she should be making her first doctors appointment today to get everything rolling. She is going on her 6th month at the end of this week and is just now seeing a doctor. We have been helping her get along and supporting her through out her pregnancy just trying to get her assistance. So keep that in prayer that everything goes through smoothly. She will be having the same doctor that delivered my niece. We have this little inside joke that we say how we always wanted to have a baby at Winnie Palmer in Orlando FL. It’s such a nice hospital! So hopefully this doctor still delivers there and our dream can come true.

As far as the actual adoption process we are holding back filing our application until I (Christina) have steady work. It looks like I’ll be working back at the Pier (Pier 1 Imports that is). I am suppose to be getting a phone call about that interview today, so well see.

With that being said…we welcome you to our blog and stay tuned for more updates and posts. We will be setting up an adoption fund meter so you can see the progress of how much we have raised. It will be fun to watch God work!

Thanks for stopping by!

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